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New Wave Marketing Network

An unique and focused marketing serviced company, NewWave Marketing Network Co.,LTD brings in-depth knowledge and industry experience in Thailand.

Our service spans across marketing communications, public relations, event management, leads generation/tele-marketing and leads qualification.

Establish since Oct 2010

Integrated  Marketing Communications

For the technology industry, we service you in the areas of positioning, product launches, consumer engagement, and experiential marketing and media relations. Our deep knowledge of Thailand makes us the best choice on strengthening the communication tools.


Our primary areas of focus and specialized knowledge are digital lifestyle, digital business, enterprise hardware and software, IT infrastructure and services, clean tech and semiconductor.

Tele marketing service

Qualified sales leads is one of the main key tactics to new business development. We use outbound telemarketing to generate the most targeted sales leads for your company. Through the telemarketing process, you can determine who are your best business prospects, and who are not.

A qualified sales lead maximizes your sales force’s time by sorting through your target market and picking only those leads with the most business potential. Sales leads generation also helps you understand your prospect’s queries and concerns about your product or service.

With outsourcing, you can start your sales leads generation when you like, without the fix cost of hiring and training new employees. Start business with us, you access to a specialist team with proven success in prospecting and cold calling. Our leads generation team are experts at:

  • penetrating customer barriers;
  • getting a decision maker on the phone;
  • generating interest;

asking the right questions to evaluate your prospects

Media Influence

We are a diverse team of media experts comprised of communications strategists and former reporters. Each and every day, we works with the most influential media to shape your reputation.

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